Key Features

4K 360° Image

360VOTS is composed of 360VOT and 360VOS. There are 120 sequences in 360VOT and 290 sequences in 360VOS with 3840 x 1920 resolution in equirectangular projection.

Various Ground Truths

360VOT provides 4 types of unbiased ground truth, including (rotated) bounding boxes and (rotated) bounding field-of-views, as well as 360VOS provides pixel-wised masks.

New Metrics

New metrics of dual success, dual precision, and angle precision are for 360VOT, while spherical region similarity and spherical contour accuracy are for 360VOS.

Challenging Attributes

Based on the features of 360° images, we summarize new challenging attributes, such as large distortion and stitching artifacts.

Update Log

  • [2024.4.15] Introduction and demo videos for new dataset 360VOTS are available.
  • [2024.3.7] New dataset 360VOTS are available for downloading. Details are coming soon in our new paper.
  • [2023.8.8] The test dataset and annotations (58.47G) of 360VOT are available for downloading.
  • [2023.7.28] The dataset toolkits are available on Github.
  • [2023.1.18] The click-based annotation tool is available on Github.



360VOT: A New Benchmark Dataset for Omnidirectional Visual Object Tracking
Huajian Huang, Yinzhe Xu, Yingshu Chen and Sai-Kit Yeung
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2023


360VOTS: Visual Object Tracking and Segmentation in Omnidirectional Videos
Yinzhe Xu, Huajian Huang*, Yingshu Chen and Sai-Kit Yeung
Preprint, 2024